About us

KALL Ingredients Ltd.

is a 100 % Hungarian owned corn processing company that is producing high value-added food commodities and feed products from Hungarian NON-GMO corn. Our plant is located in Tiszapüspöki, close to the town of Szolnok.

As a start,

with processing about half a million tons of maize annually, we will become one of the biggest corn processor companies in Europe. Besides the high fructose corn syrup production, the high purity neutral alcohols (pharmaceutical and food grade) are also part of our core business. We will also provide a wide product portfolio from different kind of sweeteners (glucose, liquid dextrose, fructose) to raw material of corn oil production or GMO-free feed products to foraging in stock-raising.

Our plant – as a greenfield investment

in the value of 145 million EUR – is built with the highest possible technology, safety and environmental protection standards. The waste-free production process and usage of renewable energy sources are part of our sustainable management strategy and make our plant one of the greenest in Europe.

Our primary goal

is to serve our customers’ demand with high-quality products and high service level with continuous innovative and customer-driven product development ideas which is supported by our professional expertise and flexibility.