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The SUSCO Budapest Conference is the biggest event organized by the Sustainable Development Office at Antall József Knowledge Center. 

The long-term aim of the conference is to establish a Central European sustainable development network. Such a network provides an opportunity to discuss challenges and best practices, as well as exchange experiences and find common solutions for the region. In this spirit, the annual SUSCO Budapest Conference facilitates dialogue among regional, governmental, academic, corporate, and civil spheres.

Urban areas currently are home to approximately 50% of the global population, projected to reach over 60% by 2050. In this period, water demand will increase globally by 55% and around 4 billion people will live in water-stressed areas.  Therefore, if current tendencies are not changed, water security will be increasingly jeopardized.

The focus of this year’s conference, reflecting the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted in resolution in September 2015, is the sustainable water management. Integrated urban water management is fundamental to the health and equity of cities, and it is critical that water and sanitation services be universally accessible and affordable, in particular for vulnerable populations. It was emphasized that water and sanitation services should be viewed beyond the notion of basic services, because water is a fundamental necessity for human life and dignity.